What is Grief Counseling?


What it is

Grief, whether from a death, a loss of a relationship, a loss of a job, or the loss of a pet, is a very personalized and unique process.   When grief comes into our life, it asks us to come to terms with the loss and it asks us to learn how to integrate the meaning of the loss into our life. 

Grief counseling is designed to help those who have experienced a loss do the work that their personal grief is asking of them.  

You are not alone.

What it isn't

Grief counseling is not purposed to make you forget the loss occurred.

Grief counseling is not asking you to bypass the pain of the loss.

Grief counseling will not erase the difficulty of the grieving process.

What it might involve

Accepting that the loss happened.

Identifying and dealing with trauma.

Talking freely about the loss.

Experiencing and expressing difficult emotions.

Overcoming guilt.

Finding a support system.

Building a new life.

Boosting self-esteem.

Finding ways to honor the loss.